Sam Eggington: 'Whether Zysk boxes like Floyd Mayweather or fights like Mike Tyson, I'll make sure I get the win' | Boxing News

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Sam Eggington wanted to be a journeyman. The problem was he could not help winning.

Eggington has taken seven losses in a 38-bout career. He might not always finish a contest victorious but he always tries to. That is what makes him so exciting to watch.

"I'm coming into my peak. I'm 28," Eggington said. "It's peak time and I feel like it. The numbers don't lie in the gym. I feel good, I feel strong. I'm making weight quite comfortably for 11st. I'm enjoying myself.

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He is a veteran of multiple hard, gruelling championship fights. But promises there is more to come.

"Whether he [Zysk] comes to box like Mayweather or fight like Tyson, I believe I've done everything I can in the gym to make sure that I get the win," Eggington said.

Journeymen box week in, week out. It is regular pay but they are expected to lose. Sam Eggington, however, is someone who could not help trying to win.

"Let's get this weigh in out the way and some food in me and your man's in trouble."

"I'll look huge and I'll look bigger [on fight night]. I'll fill out and I'll be full of energy."

"I only turned over to be journeyman. I heard they got say 1,200, 1,500 quid a week. All over that at the time I was. I was making it rain with that. It's all worked out for the best, it's kind of snowballed," Eggington told Sky Sports News.

"I got a few title shots and it kind of snowballed from there. We've just ran with it and enjoyed it along the way."

A former European and Commonwealth champion at welterweight, he now boxes Poland's unbeaten Przemyslaw Zysk on Saturday night, live on Sky Sports.